• iPad

    10,2 inch display

    Wi-Fi + 4G

    Most versatile and affordable

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  • iPad mini

    8,3 inch display

    Wi-Fi + 5G

    Best for waiting tables

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  • iPad Pro

    12,9 display

    Wi-Fi + 5G

    Largest display

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Frequently asked questions

Is the iPad ready to use with Favrit?

Once you receive the iPad, you have to sign into an Apple ID. If you need help with this, contact Apple Support.

Then, download the Favrit Admin app.

Sign in with your Favrit user and you are ready to go!

Do I need internet or SIM card?

The iPad models we sell have both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G, and Favrit require internet connectivity to work.

We recommend both using your Wi-Fi network (if you have it), and setting up a low-data subscription with a mobile carrier (Telenor, Telia, etc).

That way you have the flexibility and reliability of two seperate connections, in case one of them fails.

Can I use the iPad for other things than Favrit?

Yes, it's a completely open iPad that is yours to own. But you have to keep the Favrit app open if you want to print.

Can I use an iPad purchased elsewhere?

Yes, but apps you download (including the Favrit app), sometimes require a minimum of iPadOS version to be able to be downloaded and run on your iPad. These requirements change over time.

So if you have an old iPad, it might be too old. But if you can download and use the Favrit app, then you can use it.

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