iPad with 4G connectivity

Using an iPad is the most convenient way of taking orders with the Favrit platform.

What is the best iPad for me?

  • Find the perfect size

    The regular iPad (10,2 inch) is best for behind the counter use. Need a bigger screen? Explore the iPad Pro (12,9 inch). Want an iPad to wait tables? iPad mini (8,3 inch) or iPhone is the best option.

  • Always connected

    We highly recommend iPad with a 4G or 5G connection. With a data SIM you can be online no matter what happens with your Wi-Fi connection, expand to outdoor serving and be ready to take payments on the go and at events! *

  • New or used?

    A new iPad is a sealed, unopened box with a brand new iPad. A used iPad is properly tested, cleaned and reset back to factory settings. Save money and buy a pre-owned (limited stock).

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Can I buy my own iPad?

Yes, but make sure you find one that can run at least iPadOS 13 or later, and has 4G/5G connectivity. Favrit Admin app has to be open at all times to get notificitations about new orders and print out tickets, so if you switch to another app, you need to switch back shortly.

What iPads do we ship?

iPad (10,2 inch) is iPad 9th generation with Lightning plug. We ship a random color and 64 GB. There is a newer-generation iPad 10th generation with 10,9 inch screen, but we won't sell it until our stands manufacturers keep up.

iPad mini (8,3 inch) is iPad mini 6th generation with USB-C plug. We ship a random color and 64 GB.

iPad Pro (12,9 inch) is iPad Pro 6th generation with USB-C plug. We ship a random color and 128 GB.

What do I have to do after receiving my iPad?

Download Favrit Admin from the App Store. You need an Apple ID registered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or United Kingdom.

Favrit cannot help you with Apple ID, but Apple can: Go to Apple Support