Receipt printers

If you want to provide customers with receipts,
and/or the kitchen/bar with written orders, you need a receipt printer.
The Favrit app that runs on iPad and iPhone, connects to printers from
Star Micronics MCP line, which you can buy on this page.

  • Which size?

    Our large printer has the following dimentions: L 14 x W 14 x H 12,5 cm. The paper width is 80 cm.

    The small printer has the following dimentions: L 11 x W 9,5 x H 10 cm. The paper width is 58 mm.

  • Cable, USB or Ethernet?

    USB cable printer is best for stationary situations,
    and Bluetooth is best if you want to move the iPad/iPhone around.
    Bluetooth printers also have USB cable option. All printers also support
    cabled internet trough Ethernet. All printers deliveres with cable to
    connect to iPad with Lightning port.

  • New or used?

    A new printer is a sealed, unopened box with a brand new printer. A pre-owned printer is properly tested, and reset back to factory settings. Save money and buy a pre-owned (limited stock).